Week 1 – Anticipation – Master keys Mastermind Alliance – 2015

I am truly excited to be a part of the  Sept 2015 Cohort!  My DMP has been submitted and I look forward to reaching input from my guide! Life has been changing since I obeyed a very clear directive from God to return to the city where I grew up. Every single day regardless of the season, I am in awe of this city and that I am once again walking these streets.

I haven’t set many goals through the years. However, long ago, I told myself I would live by the lake after my (not even a speck in my eyes at the time) children were grown. And here I am! What a blessings it is to be back, to walk these streets, and to enjoy all Chicago has to offer.

I am just a concrete, tall buildings, lake, and changing seasons kinda woman!